October 16, 2018 2 min read

Let’s face it. For men, buying underwear rarely requires the same level of deliberation as buying new kicks or a fitted shirt. Most of the time, we grab the exact same thing we’ve always gone for, or we wait for Christmas to get a few pairs (and just rock commando on the off days). The question is, why does something that we use DAILY incur so little thought/consideration when we buy?

You’d think, if you use something every single day, that you’d want it to be clutch. Comfortable, sexy, and fun. You agree? We’re here to change the game on your daily grind.

How to Buy the Perfect Pair of Trunks

Fitting Tips

When in doubt, trunk it out! Trunks offer support and style. They’re a solid blend of what men love about briefs, and looser boxers. Ultra-comfortable, perfect for lounging around or giving the boys a little breathing room when you’re out and about. Trunks are tits for fitted legwear, too. Fitted jeans, chinos, shorts - trunks do it all. They won’t ride up like boxers, and they won’t snug up your tender bits or require constant adjustment.

Material Matters

Cotton blends are the absolute best. Breathable, durable, and minimal on the irritation. Always shy away from cheap materials, which can cause friction and the nastiness incurred by clogged pores and trapped man fur. Cotton and cotton blends are less expensive than some premium materials, but still totally classy, wearable and functional.

Size Counts

Always check the size chart! You might find the perfect style and look and material blend, but buying the wrong size will just aggravate your problems. It’s pretty hard to return underwear, so don’t waste your moola - go by the numbers as much as you can.

Restock Regularly

Just be honest with yourself, men. How often have you worn your underwear until the elastic wears out, the stitching is frayed, the color has faded, and there’s holes in unseemly areas? Time to level up BEFORE you look like a homeless wannabe. Nothing screams immaturity to a potential love interest like a trashy pair of man panties.

Like we said, we’ve got you. NOMAD TRUNKS offers you flattering, ultra-soft options to support your active lifestyle, in a variety of colors and options - including our all-new trunks pack!

Man up, boys. It’s time to level up your underwear game.