July 29, 2018 2 min read

We recently onboarded IG influencer, physique competitor, ANTM contestant and total stud, @MARKDMAFIA to rep the NT brand. Check out his interview!
Q: Where are you from?
A: Originally - High Point, North Carolina
Q: What got you into health/fitness? 
A: My parents were both active bodybuilders, and got me into sports at an early age. I started lifting around 10 years old, so I've really been about the gym and pushing my limits since I was a kid.
Q: When did you start competing? 
A: I started competing in September of 2017
Q: What do you do for work? 
A: Since I'm so into fitness I've really gotten into working in personal training & online coaching, and also work part time at a local tattoo shop.
Q: Favorite hobby? 
A: I love being outdoors, and I LOVE cooking! Exploring new places and hitting the beach are for sure up there on my list of favorite things to do. 
Q: What keeps you motivated? 
A: A few major things that come to mind are my family, fans - and also the people who tell me I can't accomplish my goals. Some of my biggest motivators are not only the people standing by my side the whole journey but also the people trying to kill my dreams... the ones telling me to stop, telling meI don’t have what it takes to be a champion - those people fuel my drive, and I thank them for that every day.
Q: What do you love about Nomad Trunks? 
A: I love the badass but wicked chill energy the brand gives off. Every piece of clothing they make is 100% the most comfortable thing I've ever worn... and that high quality product means a lot to me!
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