The Simple “Why” Behind Our “Feel Good, Look Good” Mantra

Nomad Trunks was created as a “feel good, look good” brand. The purpose behind our products is to create fresh new designs with breathable, movable fabrics that serve a dual purpose with supportive style and comfort.

The reality is, the correlation between feeling good about yourself - growing in confidence and charisma - and looking good, is undeniable. Both feed into each other. When you feel good about your body, your goals, your vibe, you undeniably exude greater appeal. When you look good in terms of style and fashion - you feel better about yourself and more empowered to chase your goals.

One of the most critical things NOMAD seeks to address in every style we create as well as every pattern or fabric we manufacture and select is the perfect blend of fashion and function. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in every look, with the ability to move freely in wearable, everyday trunks while still enjoying the benefit of fashionable trends.

Feel good, look good.

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